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Rental Agreement


– ID card and driving license of each person who will drive the vehicle
– Driving license valid min. 12 months
– Driver’s minimum age 21 years


– ID card of the executive (if the vehicle is taken over by another person – authorization required)
– ID card and driving license of each person who will drive the vehicle


– The vehicle will be handed over to you with a full tank and you will also return it to us with a full tank, otherwise you will be charged a fee for refueling according to the current fuel price plus a handling surcharge of 10 Euros excluding VAT
– Vehicle delivery place: Žilina, Bratislava, surrounding area by aggreement
– Before handing over, a report with the condition of the vehicle is written, where any damage is noted. In your own interest, check the car carefully before taking it over and handing it over and report any discrepancies to us
– The vehicle must be clean upon return. Otherwise, you will be charged a cleaning fee according to the valid price list
– If the vehicle is handed over before the end of the rental period, the customer is not entitled to a refund of the remaining amount for the rental period
– For handing over the vehicle outside opening hours, a fee is charged according to the valid price list
– Upon delivery, the vehicle will be checked by our staff and if there was no damage to the vehicle, excessive pollution of the interior or exterior or loss of any accessories, the deposit will be returned to you in full amount
– Smoking is strictly prohibited in the vehicle. The violation will be charged according to the valid price list
– Transport of animals is strictly prohibited in the vehicle


– You can travel with the vehicle to all countries of the European Union, Switzerland and Norway. The lessor does not allow travel by vehicle to the countries of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Moldova
– When traveling abroad, the lessee is obliged to inform the lessor about this trip
– The vehicle is equipped with GPS monitoring in case of theft


– The vehicle is fully insured within the EU with road assistance services
– In the event of an accident or the occurrence of a damage event, it is necessary that this event will be reported to us immediately and a written accident report delivered when the vehicle is handed over. Otherwise, the lessee is fully responsible for the resulting damage
– In the event of an accident or damage event caused by the lessee, the lessee will be charged a fee covering the co-payment of accident insurance in the amount of 5%, but at least 300 Euros and all administrative fees in connection with the settlement of the insurance event


– The lessee is fully responsible for traffic violations and resulting fines. It also concerns the application of the so-called objective liability, when the fine for a traffic offense is delivered additionally, after the rental period has expired (especially in the case of traffic violations from abroad). In this case, the Lessor will submit to the Lessee by email a scan of the received documentation for the traffic violations and a request to pay the fine in full. The Lessee is obliged to pay the fine to the Lessor’s account within 5 days, or according to the instructions of the relevant traffic authority (will be agreed individually between the Lessor and the Lessee). In the event that the lessee does not pay the fine within the specified period, the subject will be forwarded directly to the relevant police authority, with the details of the driver who had the vehicle rented at that time.


– Slovak and Austrian vignette is included in the rental price
– All rental prices are listed in the price list
– The rental price includes a limited number of kilometers (350 km / rental day and maximum 8000 km / month). If the limit is exceeded, the rate is charged according to the valid price list
– In the case of a long-term rent, it is possible to prepare an individual offer
– Payment is made in advance before handing over the vehicle by transfer to the lessor’s bank account
– When taking over the vehicle, a refundable deposit is paid in cash according to the valid price list
– The company is not responsible for the client’s property and things left in the car


– The minimum rental period is 1 day (24 hours)


– After booking through our website, you will receive a confirmation email with payment details
– We will arrange the delivery of the vehicle by phone 1-2 days before the rental date

You can find the complete terms and conditions at this link (in Slovak language)